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Lawn Pro Gate Access

Gate Access

We have had some issues with gate access lately.  Some of our lawn pros have showed up at a property and have found that they cannot access the back yard due to the width of the gate.  We have taken some measures to minimize this by giving the customers more selections during the order process.  We rely on the customer to let us know about the width of their gate without requiring them to use a measuring tape.  The table below shows what the customer sees when ordering and what you will see when we send out a new order.

Customer Sees Lawn Pro Sees
No Fence (open access) NoFence
Small Gate (only accessible by push mower) SmallGate
Medium Gate (accessible by average size lawn mower) MediumGate
Large Gate (accessible by large riding mower) LargeGate

We wanted to also remind you that when you arrive at the property be sure to confirm that you can fit through the gate before starting the lawn.  If you cannot then you will need to cancel your lawn assignment.  It is important that you schedule your lawns early in the date range to allow time to react to any issues like this that may arise.  Our intent with the gate choices is to minimize the number of cancels so that you are not making unnecessary trips.

We welcome any feedback that you may have on this and we thank you for all of your hard work.

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